Commercial Grade

The DURATRACK RANGER is an all-season, all-terrain track vehicle. DURATRACKS are fully integrated with the full-size RANGER chassis and suspension.

You have to see it to understand it. DURATRACK is the only track system designed and built specifically for the Polaris RANGER for commercial use. DURATRACK comes with extreme-duty features you won’t find on any recreational track system.

Once you see it and ride it you’ll be a believer.

Download the latest features and benefits here.


Excellent Ride and handling.

Front track high approach angle for deep mud and snow and crawling over stumps, rocks and ice. Studs available for traction on ice. Large diameter rubber tired wheels provide low rolling resistance with a quiet smooth ride.


Duratrack RANGER in Action!

Easy maneuverability

Front track curved contact simulates a tire profile providing reduced steering effort and steering feedback. Rear track pods have rocker profile for turning ease and improved maneuverability.